Minahan Group
Organization Strategy & Design


Expanding the Capacity of People and Organizations

Areas of Practice

Setting Direction

We work with your leadership team to capitalize on your strengths and build on your capacity to reach into new ventures and markets.

Making Change Work for You

Death, taxes, and change are the three inevitable things in life. We can help you plan and manage the third and turn it into an asset for your organization.

Developing Strategy

We work with your leadership team to assess your competitive advantage, build on your strengths, and overcome your organization's weaknesses.

Building Capacity

We work within your leadership team to increase your organization's capacity to plan and manage change, because deeply embedded with your organization and its people is the ability to discover where the blocks are, and the power to remove them.

Improving Alignment

We work with your leadership team to increase the alignment between your organization, its purpose, its systems, its people, and its competitive environment, because even well run organizations can suffer from lack of vision, goal diffusion, and conflicting priorities.

Who We Are