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Purpose Statement for a Business Team

(developed by a business team to support their work)

Our Purpose: in order to reduce poverty and improve the standard of living, the (confidential) country team exists to develop a strategy and deliver high quality products and services to our clients in (confidential.)

Advantages of Working Together:

  • different comments and views can be brought together in one place

  • knowledge sharing

  • can build multiple perspectives across sectors within a common framework

  • an opportunity for consensus building

  • we can facilitate the clearance of concepts among ourselves

  • additional transparency to decision making

  • develop a unified message for the client

  • develop a common information base and shared understanding

  • quick reactions

  • better definition of responsibility, especially in cross sectoral matters

  • more clarity of authority and accountability

  • we can compensate for our weakness and capitalize on our strengths

  • cheerleading

  • coaching on how to deal with the bureaucracy

  • problem solving

Role of Our Team:

  • define, design and develop the country strategy

  • followup and deliver on the country strategy

  • provide consistency of products within the agreed strategy

  • allocate budgets in line with strategic priorities

  • deliver work programs

  • provide implementation suppport

  • assist with portfolio management

  • consensus building and problem solving, especially among the CU and SUs


  • we agreed to copy all members of the team on all substantive country-related issues, including via EM, memo, hard copy, and faxes. Mission-specific or detailed sector-specific matters need not be copied.

  • we will leave copies of long reports on the table near the coordinator's desk and outside of administrative assistant's office in the country office

  • we will produce our back to office reports via EM and distribute to all

  • consider developing a country team web page to allow ready access to documents and reports. But remember that some of our client countries have poor access to the web and no access to Lotus Notes as of now.

Membership of the Core Team:

  • (confidential)

Membership of the Extended Country Team

  • everyone working on the country

Note: CT meetings will be open to the whole extended CT for information and dialogue, though all from the extended team will not participate in decision making and votes.