Minahan Group
Organization Strategy & Design

Application of Information Technology

Region-wide Information Technology Management and Support

Designed, facilitated, and lead a consulting team working with a group of managers and staff from the East Asia and Pacific region of an international organization. The goal was to assess the organization and management of information technology in the region and to suggest improvements. Group members included users, managers, and other stakeholders, including people who could lose their jobs. Consulting tasks included clarification of outcomes, scope of work, and role of the sponsor, recruitment of participants, coaching the group leader, defining and integrating the work of participants and various stakeholders, managing the tasks of subteams, providing access to other institutional resources involved in similar areas, advising on the structure and parameters of the final report, developing a communication and dissemination strategy.

Results: Technology strategy developed, support function redefined, most staff redeployed, savings of US$500K per annum.

Technology Implementation

Participated in the implementation of new desk-top technology, focused on the impact on the organization of work, and the design of jobs. The goal was to provide desktop access to an international organization mainframes and centralized email servers to all staff. Tasks included abolishing centralized word processing units, developing a strategy to provide a Bankwide technical support infrastructure for PCs, managing several action research projects to apply the technology to streamline business processes; work with units in developing new ways to use readily accessible information.

Results: Work units developed strategies to overcome resistance to the technology, a technology support infrastructure was fully implemented Bankwide within one year, and the word processing units were abolished.