Minahan Group
Organization Strategy & Design

Organizational Structure

Region-wide Consolidation and Downsizing

Designed and managed the process for consolidation of three regional departments into two, and the absorption of a 15% budget cut in a region of an international organization. The goal was to reduce overheads and fragmentation of delivery capacity by consolidating three operating departments into two with no interruption of country or delivery continuity. Tasks included facilitating senior managers' articulation of goals, principles and staff selection criteria, design of the decision process, chairing sector-wide decision meetings, validating decisions with senior managers, mobilizing services for staff not selected, integrating services with the HR function, designing support mechanisms for managers, developing communication strategy, and managing the managers' messages. Results: All goals fully achieved in four weeks.

System-wide Reorganization

Participated in the design and implementation teams for major international organization reorganization and downsizing. The goals were to develop a new institutional structure to increase client focus, to reposition the overall skills mix, and to downsize by 10%. Tasks included managing the design and simulation of the managerial and staff selection processes, managing the outplacement counseling service and the coordination of all other Bankwide support services; development of severance package; consulting to the implementation in the Finance complex. 

Results: Implemented new structures for Operations, Research, and Policy complexes, new managers and staff selected and in place in 90 days, 550 staff jobs abolished; payroll reduced by US$150M.