Minahan Group
Organization Strategy & Design

Mergers & Acquisitions

Merger Integration

Consulted to the integration of a three-way merger in the information and telecommunications sector. Consulting assistance included overall support to the venture director, development of overall integration strategy, design and facilitation of department-wide offsite events, support to the strategy development and organizational structure task forces, coaching of the leadership team, advice on integration of HR systems, planning and budget processes, and production processes. 

Results: new business strategy implemented; new organization designed and structure implemented; including space and co-location plan; new leadership in place.

Merger Integration

Consulted to the merger of two existing organizations in the mining sector, bringing together the upstream policy advice with downstream investment support. Consulting assistance included facilitation of leadership team's development of an overall integration strategy, guidance to industry and sector teams providing an overview of alternative business scenarios, design and facilitation of offsite launch retreat, ongoing advice and coaching to new leader of the merged organization. 

Results: new business strategy implemented; managerial planning and decision processes developed and in place; workforce integration plan developed implemented; space plan and co-location complete.

Merger, Change Management and Management Development

Consulted to the R&D function during the merger planning process between two major pharmaceutical companies. Consulting assistance included the design and delivery of the major management development program for high potential R&D scientists and managers, evaluation and design advice on change management and organization design proposals, coaching in leadership and transition management.

Integration of Two Federal Agencies

Supported the integration of two federal agencies, following Congressional mandate to merge. With separate HR, planning, budgeting, payroll, and IS systems, and no appropriated funding to develop integrated systems, the merger of these two federal agencies presented significant challenges. The change initiative included the development of a new, integrated HR system, including broad bands, occupational councils, merit pay, a bonus system, and occupational standards. Consulting assistance included support to the Communication Team which implemented the new, integrated HR systems for the combined agency, coaching of the team leader, design and facilitation of offsite workshops, coordination with agency knowledge college for skills training, engagement strategy for staff and line managers. 

Results: communication and engagement strategy developed implemented; major series of outreach programs designed and implemented; major engagement strategy developed and implemented; senior management modeling desired behaviors.