Minahan Group
Organization Strategy & Design

Executive Coaching

Chief Financial Officer

Provided performance improvement and personal effectiveness coaching to the CFO of a major financial institution throughout the first year of his assignment. In addition to providing advice on strategic planning and change management, we worked together on setting goals and priorities, improving his feedback delivery and receiving skills, his communication style, and developing his potential as a leader.

Regional Vice President

Provided transition management advice and coaching to a newly appointed VP. The overall goal was to develop an effective way of leading an enterprise that had roughly doubled in size in one year. We worked together to develop a definition of the VP's role in operating the region, testing it and collecting feedback from senior staff. We worked together to develop his communication style and establish an effective pattern of senior staff and management meetings. We worked through organization design and business process issues, and we developed a personal improvement plan for him.

Project Team Leader

Supported a major organizational change process by facilitating a project team and coaching its leader. She was an excellent specialist, but needed help in growing into her role as leader of an 18-person team. We worked together to set goals and priorities for her work and life, and to enhances organization and interpersonal effectiveness, with particular attention to the place that work occupied in her life. She developed the art of journaling, using it as a key tool for self knowledge and personal growth.