Minahan Group
Organization Strategy & Design


Treasury-wide Business and Strategic Management

Led a consulting team in the design, facilitation, and implementation of a strategic visioning process for the Vice President and Treasurer of an international organization. Initiated by a change in leadership, this project included a market analysis and positioning phase, assessment of competitive strengths and weaknesses, collaborative process for developing a mission and vision statement, developing business strategies for major departments, consolidation of functions, aligning major business processes, departmental restructuring, developing a new "compact" with staff, ongoing implementation. Consulting assistance included executive coaching, providing conceptual models and structuring tasks, assisting with communications, advising on engagement strategy, facilitating key meetings and retreats. 

Results: new business units formed, business operating plans in place, departments consolidated, leadership team appointed, new managerial compact implemented.

Defining Institutional Values

Led a consulting team which developed guiding principles for an international organization, including testing them with staff and senior management. The goal was to develop and market test a core set of values, or guiding principles, which would support the organization's future business strategy. Consulting tasks included recruitment and deployment of 30-person project team, development of a sampling strategy, the design and facilitation of focus groups for 300 people, aggregation of results, and delivery of final report and management briefings. 

Result: Guiding Principles articulated, used as major input to business strategy development and other change efforts, with more than 400 people engaged in the process.