Minahan Group
Organization Strategy & Design

Leadership and Management Development

Presidential Task Force

Designed and facilitated the work of the President's task force on managerial and professional excellence at an international organization. The goal was to build on work already done to develop a diagnosis and make recommendations on improving the managerial and professional excellence within the institution. This task force, and one other, provided the key recommendations which drove the development of the institution's change agenda for FY96-99. Consulting tasks included nomination of vice presidents and directors as participants, acting as liaison to related institutional work, designing and organizing the day to day work of the group and its subteams, summarizing suggestions provided to the President's office, accessing and synthesizing relevant literature, providing consulting support to the group, deploying consulting support to the subteams, mobilizing resources for process mapping and presentation preparation, advising leaders on change and influence strategies. Results: Recommendations accepted and implemented by President and vice presidents, implementation ongoing.

Managed the Organization Development Program

Designed, staffed, and managed organization-wide OD program at an international organization. The goals were to support senior managers with organization development consulting, and to increase the organization development capacity of HR staff and managers. Technical work included the design and delivery of interventions such as strategic planning, business process innovation, job design, and application of new technology.

Results including:

  • Developed The Effectiveness Group, a network of internal partners and external consultants, to work on organizational change projects and to development change management capacity within the HR function, providing change management partnerships, internships, and professional mentoring for HR staff

  • Designed, piloted, and delivered an Upward Feedback process, to provide 360 degree feedback to managers and coordinate feedback and follow-up to departmental attitude surveys

  • Designed and managed an Action Research project to streamline business processes, more fully utilize office technology, and redesign jobs