Minahan Group
Organization Strategy & Design

Business Process Redesign

Region-wide Process Streamlining

Co-designed and facilitated the mainstreaming of business process simplification in a region of an international organization. The goal was to consolidate best practices from three operating departments into unified, streamlined business processes for the region. Consulting support included designing the approach for inventorying best practices, advising the project-wide steering group, defining the tasks of the cross-department teams, facilitating off-site meetings, designing the approach to integrating the work across teams, support senior managers during implementation.

Results: The region reduced most product preparation costs by 20% and reduced time-to-market by 15%.

Department-wide Business Process Innovation

Led the implementation consulting team for a department wide business process innovation project in a region of an international organization. The goal was to follow up on a major business process redesign effort in the department, to align the support systems and processes with the streamlined procedures. Consulting support included support to the design team and its consultants, design and facilitation of off-site management workshops and departmental retreats, providing coaching and feedback to managers, advising on the alignment of management practices and systems, support to country teams.

Results: The department reduced its project preparation costs by 20%, and the results were mainstreamed elsewhere in the region and the Organization.

Business Process Innovation in HR Function

Led the consulting team that designed and facilitated the process improvement team which consolidated transactions into an HR service center at an international organization. The goal was to centralize and automate all HR transactions into one high tech service center. Consulting support included developing the methodology for the work, nominating team members, managing the benchmarking phase, defining and supporting individual and small group work, facilitating group meetings, monitoring linkages to other HR initiatives, assistance in process mapping, managing focus groups to market test ideas, outline final recommendations, provide feedback and coaching to team leaders.

Results: All HR transactions are now centralized in service center; overall costs have been reduced by 10%, while response times have improved by an average of 12%.